The Basics

Human Trafficking: Vulnerable Men, Women and Children in Slavery

  • Forced labor?
  • Domestic Servitude?
  • Sexual Exploitation?
  • Slavery?

Owning a slave has never been cheaper than it is today. Women, children, and also vulnerable men, work in factories, fields, restaurants, hotels, homes, and in every facet of the sex industry. This slavery exists in every country, including in the United States. 

In fact, trafficking in women and girls has become one of the fastest growing enterprises in the world. The¬†United Nations estimates that over two million women and girls are taken from their homeland into other countries under false pretenses for the purposes of forced labor, domestic servitude or sexual exploitation. Trafficking and slavery are never “stand alone crimes.” They are linked to money laundering, drug trafficking, document forgery, human smuggling, rape, and torture.


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