Become a Sister

Discerning God's call to religious life is different for every woman. It can be an all-consuming desire. Or just a tug at the heart.

As you ponder dedicating your life to God’s service as a Sister of the Divine Savior, consider your reasons. Do you feel as if God keeps putting little signs out there, nudging you to keep thinking about it? Are you looking for answers and hoping you'll find some here? What is drawing you here? Becoming a sister is a lifetime commitment. It’s a choice that requires thought and reflection – and one that can be the most fulfilling of your life.

Ask yourself these questions

  • Do I want to serve God and others?
  • Would I like to live and pray with a group of women dedicated to God?
  • Has anyone ever said, “You’d be a great sister?”
  • When do I really feel alive?
  • Do I want more than a career?
  • How can I best use the gifts God has given me?
  • Do I feel I still have more of my life to give for others?

"... be what you are, then comes the blessing from above."

Blessed Mary of the Apostles, SDS Co-founder

Blessed Mary of the Apostles lived from 1833 to 1907. She was the first to sing the melody of the Sisters of the Divine Savior. Today her song sings within each of us, as we continue to witness the love of the Divine Savior to others.


Discernment - One Step at a time

For many of us, becoming a Sister of the Divine Savior has been the most rewarding decision of our lives. We are free to serve the people of the world and still enjoy meaningful relationships with our friends and family.

Becoming a sister is not a decision to be taken lightly. It’s a commitment that requires careful reflection and understanding to ensure it’s the right choice for you. Discernment takes time.

If you feel ready to enter into discernment with the Sisters of the Divine Savior, read about our four-step process to help you transition into our community.

New Membership Team

It's time we get to know one another. After you read about us here, use our Get Acquainted form to help us get to know you. Once you take the first step, we'll work with you to discover where God is leading you at this time in your life.

Sister Mary Lee is currently a member of the New Membership Team. She is the Candidate Directress and also walks with those women who are in the Affiliate Program prior to becoming Candidates. Sister Mary Lee has been a high school teacher, counselor and administrator. In addition to her work in formation within the Salvatorian community and in the inter-community program, Sister Mary Lee works as an addictions therapist at a local hospital. She believes that formation of the whole person - mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally - is essential to growth in a person’s relationship with God. In her spare time, Sister Mary Lee involves herself in several choral groups to fulfill her love of singing. She also loves to swim, read and walk in the quiet of the day.

Get to know her more on her Meet Our Sisters page!

Bobby, a graduate of University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, has a degree and extensive background in Community Engagement and Education. Growing up, his family was active in a Salvatorian parish, helping him clearly understand the mission and vision of the Salvatorians.

Having discerned becoming a Priest or Brother before meeting his wife and starting a family, Bobby is in a unique position to share the Salvatorian vision and mission. As co-director of New Membership and a Lay Salvatorian, he strives to help women considering religious life better understand what it means to be a Salvatorian.

In addition to his role with the Sisters of the Divine Savior, Bobby also serves as Vocations Director for the Salvatorian Priests and Brothers- The Society of the Divine Savior.

Take The First Step

Whether you have already made the decision to become a sister or just want to learn more, there are a number of ways you can take that first step.

Come See For Yourself

We welcome all interested women to spend time with us to better understand our mission and who we are as sisters. When you visit, you will live and pray with us in our community and see us in our various ministries.  We’ll work with you to arrange a time that best suits your schedule.

Contact Our New Membership Team

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Let's Get Acquainted

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