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2020 Birthday Advice: Sister Jane Eschweiler

As Salvatorian Sisters continue to age in wisdom and grace in the year 2020, each shares advice to her 20-year-old self to celebrate her birthday.

To Sr. Jane Marie, novice, 20, from Sr. Jane Eschweiler, 73:

You can stop worrying about what others think; they aren’t thinking of you at all!!

Freed from that worry, you can attend to others and God’s creation a whole lot more.

In general, stop comparing yourself to anyone else.

You’re plenty gifted to make the world better somehow in your lifetime!

And work on using that dry sense of humor of yours to bring laughter.

It’s better than sarcasm, which is at the other end of the spectrum!

Finally, your already keen political sensibilities will accompany your through life.

How that and your religious habit will work together remains to be seen!

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