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In the heart of Nazareth, where Jesus once attended school, the Sisters of the Divine Savior provide young Christians with an excellent education. Regardless of background or income level, the 1,500 girls and boys attending Salvatorian Sisters School receive a top-level education and formation into highly productive, peace-loving members of society.

For many children living in Israel, school is the only place where they find freedom from the harsh realities of war, feel safe enough to learn, and develop normally. “So much has been uprooted – both large and small,” explains Sister Klara Berchtold, who serves at the Salvatorian Sisters School. “That’s why we are trying our best to offer the children as much stability as possible.” Now more than ever, students and their parents rely on the school to provide a secure and supportive learning environment.

According to Sr. Klara, every child, kindergarten through twelfth grade, has a place at the school. The Sisters are proud of the accommodations they are able to provide to their students, especially with half of the school population living near the poverty line. Both COVID-19 and the ongoing war have brought tremendous economic strain on many parents of students, as tourism, one of the Israel’s chief industries, has slowed to a trickle. Education remains a priority, but families are having a tough time finding the resources to invest in their children’s education.

Scholarships are the best way to ensure students remain at Salvatorian Sisters School until graduation. However, due to Israel’s current economic situation, the school’s vital scholarship fund is growing slimmer and the risk of children dropping out is looming larger. During this moment of great uncertainty for students, please consider sharing your earthly blessings to help children stay in school and relieve families from the financial burden of basic school fees, books, and uniforms.

Today, your financial generosity will be part of an enduring legacy of peace in the Holy Land. Sr. Klara and her fellow educators are ever mindful of the pivotal role they play in bridging differences among the students. While 86 percent of the students are Christians, 14 percent are Muslims. As both religious groups comprise Israel’s population, it is essential they learn to work together at a young age.

Israel’s future is being written now, and a safe, solid, Christ-centered education today promises peace and prosperity tomorrow.

Will you invest in these budding ambassadors of peace?

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