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Thirty years ago, educational opportunities for disabled people in India were nearly non-existent, especially in small, remote villages. In fact, children with severe epilepsy, Down syndrome, autism, or general learning disabilities were commonly hidden from society out of fear and shame. In an effort to change such outdated attitudes and improve life for these children, our Salvatorian Sisters in India opened the Sathirthya Special School in 1994.

At the Special School, students are given more than just an education: it’s an opportunity to receive the attention and support they need to live as independently as possible. The school’s principal, Sister Jincy Jones, SDS, says, “Through training, nurturing, and education, children who were once thought to lack potential have blossomed into magnificent flowers."

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Flower is an appropriate nickname for the children who grow and bloom under the gentle care of our sisters. In a world where people with disabilities are often pushed aside, Sisters of the Divine Savior are dedicated to ensuring these children and young adults have the freedom to learn and develop at their own pace.

Creating a safe and welcoming school environment blesses the children with disabilities, their families, and society altogether. Our Indian Sisters pray that the successes of a school like Sathirthya will inspire their community and country to increase services and education for people with disabilities.

Today, we invite you to join with us in creating a world that includes all people - disabled and nondisabled alike. Your support will help us answer the greatest call God has given us: to love one another without exception.


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