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More than 8,000 miles separate the nations of Colombia in South America and Mozambique on the southeast coast of Africa. Despite the distance, there’s one thing both nations share: a commitment to quality education by the Sisters of the Divine Savior. In the last 12 months, the COVID-19 pandemic has challenged our sisters’ day-to-day education ministry, but not their long-term commitment. Here is an opportunity for you to support our sisters in their promise to families in Colombia and Mozambique.

Salvatorian Sisters in the Colombian Province operate Divine Savior School in Suba, the 11th locality of Bogotá, Colombia’s capital. Many of their students have advanced through Divine Savior School from a young age and developed strong ties with their teachers and peers. Now, quarantines due to the pandemic have cost parents their jobs. Their loss of income creates financial instability not only for their families, but for the school that depends on their tuition payments.

School Administrator Sister Marta Gloria Mesa understands the grim academic and emotional consequences for students who cannot continue their studies at Divine Savior School. The sisters hope to raise $17,000 to enable 10 of their neediest students to remain in school for another year. You can help our sisters reach that goal, to lift these children to their highest potential and see for themselves a hope-filled future.

Salvatorian School Mwana Unerufaro in Chimoio, Mozambique is a mission of our Salvatorian Sisters from Brazil’s Santa Catarina Province. Over the last 28 years, our Brazilian sisters have earned the trust of the Mozambican people. In the past year, the pandemic has widened the socio-economic gap our sisters have strived to close through education. In addition, natural catastrophes in the last three years have added to many families’ economic hardship.

Directress Sister Cléia Aparecida Bueno has identified the financial need of 210 students who are most at risk within their school community. The children include those cared for by a grandmother or widowed mother, and children from low-income households or families with multiple students enrolled. Their need ranges from 5% tuition subsidies to full scholarships. Tuition support totaling $14,800 will ensure each of these children can continue their studies at our Salvatorian School for another year.

Generations of families in the U.S. appreciate the vital role of a quality education to achieve quality of life, but it is so deeply ingrained, that we might take it for granted. Reading about our mission schools in Colombia and Mozambique reminds us of the many blessings we enjoy, thanks to our educational advantages.

We invite you to share your blessings with a child of God whose greatest potential is tied to a commitment by Salvatorian Sisters in Colombia and Mozambique. Will you help our sisters fulfill their commitment?

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