Salvatorian Family

Salvatorian Resources

Collaboration among all three branches of the Salvatorian Family is an ongoing source of inspiration and guidance for us all. The following resources will help you better understand our mission and the International Salvatorian Family.

United States Based Websites

The Salvatorian Family is composed of Salvatorian Priests and Brothers (Society), Sisters (Congregation), and the Lay Branch (International Community of the Divine Savior).

The Society of the Divine Savior (Salvatorians) proclaims and teaches by all ways and means the goodness and kindness of Jesus the Savior.

One of three branches of the Salvatorian Family, Lay Salvatorians are men and women, inspired by Fr. Francis Jordan, who are committed to apostolic work through all ways and means.

An online store where you can purchase items created by Salvatorians that exemplify our charism, celebrate our history, and promote our mission.

International Websites

Salvatorian Sisters International

A worldwide community of religious women that collaborate with other members of the Salvatorian Family (Salvatorian Priests and Brothers; Salvatorian Laity – married and single) to share values, work, and resources. 


An international, religious, congregation of priests and brothers in the Catholic Church that engage in apostolic activities in 40 countries all over the world. 


Other Resources

The text of Father Francis Jordan’s Spiritual Diary provides intimate insights into his spiritual development. His diary served as a compass on his path to holiness, and should be read as a revelation of Fr. Jordan’s heart and personal relationship with God.