History & Foundation


History & Foundation

Nearly 1,000 Salvatorian Sisters live the timeless challenge to follow Jesus by bringing the Gospel to the poor and empowering them to develop their own resources. We collaborate to promote justice and improve quality of life in our world.

Our Founders

Learn about our co-founders who envisioned this mission:


Blessed Francis Mary of the Cross Jordan

Father Francis Jordan

Father Jordan is the founder of Society of the Divine Savior and co-founder of Sisters of the Divine Savior with Mother Mary. Together, the men's, women's, and Lay communities make up the Salvatorian Family, fulfilling Father Jordan's original vision.


Blessed Mary of the Apostles

Mother Mary

Recognized as the co-founder of Sisters of the Divine Savior, Therese von Wüllenweber helped lay the foundation of our congregation throughout the world.