Our Sisters

Meet our Sisters

You might already know us. The Sisters of the Divine Savior laid the foundation for many youngsters' future careers and lives of service by ministering as teachers and principals in Catholic schools. Some of our sisters nurtured patients back to health in hospitals, or kept vigil with family members as their loved one made the sacred passage from life to death. We have touched souls as spiritual directors and pastoral caregivers, or crossed paths serving in Catholic parishes, social service agencies, soup kitchens and homeless shelters. As you read about us here, who knows? You might discover a long-lost friend!

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After many years and across many miles, do you still hold a cherished memory in your heart about a Sister of the Divine Savior? Was she a favorite teacher, longtime co-worker or special caregiver? Let us help you try to find her.

For many of us Sisters of the Divine Savior, becoming a sister has been the most rewarding decision of our lives. We are able to serve the people of the world while still enjoying the freedom to stay connected with our friends and family. However, becoming a sister is not a decision to be taken lightly. It’s a considerable commitment that requires careful reflection and understanding to assure it’s the right choice for you.


As an international congregation, our sisters minister in 26 countries on five continents. More than 1,000 sisters live the timeless challenge to follow Jesus by bringing the Gospel to the poor and empowering them to develop their own resources.