Planned Giving Opportunities

After taking care of your family, consider including charitable organizations that are near to your heart with a legacy gift. A bequest is a gift you make through your will and is the simplest and most common planned gift.

Naming the Sisters of the Divine Savior in your will or estate plan leaves a legacy of love and generosity beyond your lifetime. A future gift “in honor of” or “as a tribute to” a loved one can be a meaningful way to help ensure our Salvatorian ministries endure well into the future.  You might consider a gift in honor of a Catholic Sister who inspired you in school or cared for a loved one in a hospital or nursing home.

An advantage of making a gift through a bequest is that you do not have to part with any property until after death and gift and estate taxes may be avoided. Distributions can be made either as a percentage of the estate or a specific dollar amount. As part of your estate plan, you can also designate a gift to support a Salvatorian ministry close to your heart. All things considered, making a lifetime charitable gift can help you meet your personal, financial and estate planning goals. Please consult with your legal, tax or financial advisor when deciding how to distribute your estate.

Remembering her guardian angel...

As a child, Marianne H. would scoot all the way to one side of her desk chair to make room for her guardian angel. Today, she fondly recalls the habit instilled in her by the Sisters of the Divine Savior who taught at Mother of Good Counsel Parish School in Milwaukee. Many years later, Marianne attended a school reunion and reconnected with Sister Rita Ruff, SDS, whom she had known as Sr. Genevieve. Marianne says, “We clicked and over time became good friends.” After Sr. Rita passed away in 2008, Marianne named the Sisters of the Divine Savior in her will and is an Apostolic Circle member. The retired school teacher says, “I didn’t fully appreciate how the Salvatorian Sisters affected my life until I became an adult.”

Apostolic Circle

Your generous gift will carry the
Gospel to places far beyond you.
2 Cor. 10: 16-17

The SDS Apostolic Circle was established to recognize individuals and couples who have named Sisters of the Divine Savior in their will or estate plan. With their permission, Apostolic Circle members are listed on a plaque at the SDS Community House in Milwaukee. Every December, they are remembered with an anniversary Mass at our Motherhouse, Villa Salvator Mundi in Rome, near our founding site in Tivoli, Italy.

We are grateful when you share with us your plan to name the Sisters of the Divine Savior in your will. It gives us the opportunity to welcome you to our Apostolic Circle and express our gratitude for your generosity.  As an Apostolic Circle member, you join others who share your values to leave a legacy for the future of our service to God’s people.

Your desire to support our mission gives us joy and deep gratitude. We want you to consider the needs of your loved ones and  achieve your personal and charitable goals too. We encourage you to consult with your legal, tax or financial advisor when deciding how to distribute your estate.

With your legacy gift you will help to ensure the future of our mission work in the United States and around the world.

There are a variety of ways to give a legacy gift to Sisters of the Divine Savior or another favorite charity beyond your lifetime:

  • Cash gifts are simple and you can specify your gift for immediate needs of the Sisters of the Divine Savior.
  • Giving stocks, bonds or mutual funds that have appreciated since you bought them might help you reduce or avoid capital gains tax.
  • Charitable bequests can be money, property, or a percentage (or remainder) of your estate after gifts to your family.
  • Life income gifts through a Gift Annuity, Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust, or a Charitable Remainder Unitrust provide a life income in exchange for an irrevocable gift.
  • Tangible personal property might include antiques, artwork, jewelry or collectibles.
  • Real estate, particularly if it has increased in value, might offer you more financial advantages than a cash gift. Donating a remainder interest in your home to the Sisters of the Divine Savior can offer you sizable tax benefits now, while you continue living in your home for the rest of your life.
  • You can name the Sisters of the Divine Savior as a beneficiary of a savings or brokerage account.
  • A life insurance policy that is no longer needed can include Sisters of the Divine Savior as a beneficiary.
  • You can also name the Sisters of the Divine Savior as a beneficiary of a retirement plan, such as a tax-deferred IRA, 401(K), 403(B), or company-sponsored pension and profit sharing plan.
  • Sisters of the Divine Savior is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.

When setting up your gift, please use our legal name and address shown below.

Sisters of the Divine Savior
4311 N. 100th Street
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53222
Our tax identification number is 39-6054869.

If you have questions about Planned Giving and our Apostolic Circle, contact  at Tim Kasza at or call him at (414) 466-7414.