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About The Gallery

The Gallery of the Sisters of the Divine Savior is a fourteen-room working studio for Sister artists to create and express their love of art. The Gallery itself is a beautiful atmosphere, filled with palpable energy that makes shopping for a special or personal gift a pleasure. Work can be commissioned or personalized, as well as custom framed.

Phone number for the Gallery is  (414) 461-7676

Gallery Hours

Gallery hours are temporarily suspended due to COVID-19. Gallery hours are 10:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Central Time, Monday through Friday.

Group tours of the Gallery

Group tours are temporarily suspended due to COVID-19. Group tours of the Gallery and demonstrations by the artists can be made by appointment. The Gallery is easily accessible with convenient parking and an elevator to the Gallery on the third floor of Divine Savior Holy Angels High School.

Location of the Gallery

The Galley is located behind Divine Savior Holy Angels High School at 4257 N 100th Street, Milwaukee, WI 53222. Drive around the back of the building and look for the signs above the entry.

Mailing address

Mailing address for the Gallery is 4311 N 100th Street, Milwaukee, WI 53222

Sister Karlyn’s Art

You can view a more complete collection of Sr. Karlyn’s art and make online purchases at

Meet Sister Karlyn

Sr-Karlin-Cauley-CROP-300x350Sister Karlyn Cauley has been a member of the Sisters of the Divine Savior since 1961 and is well known in the U.S. as a folk artist of “Shaker Gift Drawings” for her original watercolors, prints and note cards. Her folk art has brought awareness to the need for simplicity in our lives and homes.

Not only does Sister Karlyn work with fine brushes and watercolors, she also has many large originals on canvas done with acrylics, as well as hand sewn Black Cloth Dolls.

The Gallery is a place where Sister Karlyn works and enjoys sharing her artwork with the public. It’s also a place where many customers have said they find great peace. Here, Sister Karlyn’s original artwork is displayed by theme. Guests are encouraged to walk from room to room during their visit to truly enjoy its full impact.

Sister Karlyn earned her art degree from the University of Wisconsin—Madison. In the Salvatorian spirit of her ministry, she has developed her artistic gifts for over 25 years, continuing to bring joy to others and beauty to homes.

To see samples of Sister Karlyn’s work, visit Sister Karlyn’s etsy site or contact Sister Karlyn at

Sister Clarice’s Art

To purchase Sr. Clarice’s art, please contact the Art Gallery at (414) 461-7676.

Meet Sister Clarice

Sister Clarice Steinfeldt, SDS is skilled in the art of papercutting. Originating from the Far East in China, papercutting uses paper and specialized tools, like Scherenschnitte scissors or an Exacto tool, to create stunning pieces of art. Sister Clarice is proud to have cut and framed over 2,000 papercuts. She currently has artwork displayed at the following locations:

Sister Clarice is a native of Port Edwards, Wisconsin. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Alverno College of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and is a member of the Guild of American Papercutters.

To see samples of Sister Clarice’s work, visit our Art Gallery or contact Sister Clarice at

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