Sr Carol Thresher_2022 jubilee

2022 Birthday Perspective: Sister Carol Thresher, SDS

By Carol Thresher, SDS
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

For their birthdays, we asked Salvatorian Sisters to recommend a piece of media (book, poem, movie, etc.) that changed their perspective.

Sister Carol Thresher, SDS shares about the bible translation that changed her relationship with Jesus’s message.

During the early 1960s, shortly after I entered the Salvatorian Sisters, I discovered a translation of the New Testament that I could really understand. Instead of the old-fashioned biblical language with its “thee-s and thou-s,” I found a version that actually sounded like the English I knew. From that point on, I began to understand the words and the message of Jesus in a way I never had before. This experience opened up a new world for me. My love for the Bible and its message has continued to grow since those days. I am grateful to James Kleist and Joseph Lilly as well as the Milwaukee Catholic-based Bruce Publishing Company for putting that modern translation into my hands. They set me on a path of love of Sacred Scripture as well as a deep respect for translations that truly communicate and make real sense to the reader. Both of these learnings have made a remarkable difference in my life.

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