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Together with your vital help we can bring life-giving water to a drought ridden Salvatorian teaching farm in Tanzania. Owned and operated by our Tanzanian Sisters, the 415-acre farm’s only secure source of water is a small spring where water is collected in buckets. From dawn to dusk, farmers trek water to the crops responsible for feeding their families and community. It’s daily backbreaking work that has only become more difficult with the current drought and the effect of climate change on rainfall in the area.

A lack of rainfall is already taking a toll and stunting this year’s banana harvest. The Sisters and farmers urgently need to secure more reliable sources of water. With the aim of providing farmers with sufficient and ready access to water, the farm needs to construct a rainwater reservoir and networked system of irrigation channels, as well as purchase rainwater storage tanks.

Building a rainwater reservoir will store the water collected during the brief yet abundant rainy season. A properly engineered reservoir will ensure the entire community has access to safe drinking water and significantly reduce the time farmers spend watering their fields. The irrigation system connected to the reservoir will help this water reach nearby farm plots, the grove of banana trees, a small tree nursery, and a chicken house.

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Fields farther away from the reservoir will rely on storage tanks and pumps to irrigate the crops. Pumps connected to the tanks will give the sisters and farmers the opportunity to cultivate distant plots and rejuvenate the land.

This Lent, we will give financial independence and bountiful harvests to farmers, conserve groundwater, reduce poverty, and ensure entire communities have access to safe drinking water. Please prayerfully consider supporting this life-sustaining project that will bring not only much-needed water to families and fields but also the spiritual water that never runs dry.

All donations must be received by April 30, 2024.

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