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Nadia is a single mother who operates her rice farm in the southern region of Tanzania. On “good” harvest days, her crop yield is small and riddled with disease and pests. For a long time, she was at a loss for what to do – conventional pesticides are expensive, and a packet of rice doesn’t go for much at the market. That was until the Salvatorian Sisters in her community implemented the Masasi Farm Project.

The community our sisters serve is in a rural area characterized by subsistence farming – a type of farming that feeds farmers and their families, and leaves little for profit or trade. Rather than serving as a source of income for farmers, existing agricultural practices, such as a lack of crop rotation and use of fertilizers and pesticides, harm both people and the environment.


Tanzanian Salvatorian Sisters use the Masasi Farm Project to foster a cooperation between farmers and introduce new agricultural practices to 415 acres of farmland. Through organic farming workshops, a group of 42 farmers joined by four Salvatorian Sisters try out new cultivation methods on their leased 2-4 acre plots.

To fully fund the farm project, our Tanzanian Sisters need $33,000 to cover the costs of hardwood and fruit tree seedlings, vegetable seeds, and educational workshops for the farmers. Your gift gives farmers shade for their crops, nutrients for their soil, and an education in organic farming.

Our Tanzanian Sisters hope to promote sustainable agriculture that provides for more than farmers and their families. Breaking the cycle of subsistence farming ensures current and future generations will meet the community’s needs. Today, we invite you to break this cycle with a generous gift. Your support will benefit the farmers and sisters in the area, the environment, and, ultimately, the surrounding population. With your help, our Tanzanian Salvatorian Sisters will bless countless lives and make Earth a little greener.

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