From a Lay Salvatorian in Sri Lanka

Earlier this week we told you that all of our Salvatorian Sisters in Sri Lanka were safe after Easter Sunday’s attacks and that we were praying for family members who had lost their lives. Today we have an update from Nimal, a Lay Salvatorian:

Luckily none of our members are affected by the recent attacks at the Church. One of our members Lay Salvatorian Agnes and a few others live in the close proximity to that very church, Negombo Katuwapitiya. My daughter and her family also live in the same parish. We all were there for the night Easter Service in that very church. Thank God he spared us as we attended the night service. On the following morning I could not believe our ears and eyes. As I heard and saw the blast…I was just passing by in my vehicle that morning when this disaster took place.

We gathered to celebrate Easter at my daughters place. But we had to be engaged in rescue and relief service since that morning as several neighbors lost their lives.

Even today there were some burials. Tomorrow some more bodies will be buried. Under high, high security, there is still the tension…fear…suspicion…the peaceful Negombo Community (Sinhalese, Muslims, Tamils, Burghers) has been simply torn down after this disaster. Myself and a few other members are working hard to keep the peace and unity preserved…but we are under pressure…our Muslim friends are stuck with fear of retaliation from Sinhalese…but our Catholic community will not retaliate…except a few individuals who are…extreme. The majority of the Christian Community at Katuwapitiya has taken this disaster in Faith and with great patience….though the majority are struck with deep pain due to the loss of dear ones.

We are trying to work with religious leaders (Buddhist, Muslims and Christians) to safeguard our unity and integrity…we need to act prudently and carefully with the emotionally disturbed members.

Please pray for us and Let the LORD guide all of us in our efforts to heal the community. It will take some time to calm down and regain the sense. United thru prayers and in brotherhood.


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