German Sisters of the Divine Savior aid Ukrainian refugees

Letter from Sister Margaret Rolf, SDS
Horrem, Germany

Salvatorian Sister refugee assistance has expanded beyond the borders of Poland. With a reported 3 million refugees from Ukraine fleeing the war in Eastern Europe, countries like Germany, Austria, and Italy are also offering refuge. In a letter to our Sisters and the people connected to the Salvatorians, Provincial Leader of the German Province, Sister Margaret Rolf, SDS, details how German Salvatorian Sisters are preparing to accept refugees.


Many plans of our life turn out to be very fragile and very breakable,

but God’s faithfulness withstands everything.

Previous certainties seem uncertain and unpredictable,

but the power of God stands behind us.

Many everyday worries weigh us down in a grueling and exhausting way,

but the blessing of God accompanies us.

Many of the daily headlines sound shocking and frightening,

but the word of God strengthens us.

Weakened and exhausted, we walk many a lonely path,

but God’s consolation carries us.

Ominous and destructive, many an evil threatens us,

but the hand of God protects us.

Paul Weismantel

“Dear Sisters and all dear ones who feel connected to us!

Paul Weismantel’s thoughts are touching me very much. I trust in God’s protecting hand. But I also feel obliged to help in view of the misery of these days and weeks.

So, I would like to inform you that we are welcoming refugees in our ‘Haus der Begegnung’ (House for the Encounter) in Horrem. The heavy blows of fate, the war consequences, and the great need of the many refugees call us to pray but also to act. When the city of Kerpen approached us with this request, I was pleased to see that the sisters in Horrem expressed their profound readiness.

A Salvatorian Sister preparing food for refugees

Today we received the news that the first refugees will move into our place next week. It is not yet known how many there will be. There are 27 rooms available for them; two people can occupy every room. Our concern is to accommodate mainly women with their children. The city could find a caterer for the food supply. The rental contract concluded with the city of Kerpen is designed in such a way that we do not earn money from it, but the expenses are covered.

Sr. Waltraud Mahle agreed to be the contact person to help and advise the people being on their side. She has already found a couple who can help with the translation. A thank you to her and the fellow sisters in Horrem.

We cannot all help on the spot, but I ask for your prayers for the people who have fled, but also for our sisters who are struggling with Corona.

I wish you a blessed third Sunday of Lent.
Warm greetings,
S. Margret Rolf”

The Polish, German, and Austrian Provinces of the Sisters of the Divine Savior are actively assisting Ukrainian refugees. If you would like to donate to their assistance fund, please go to:

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