Sister Carol Marie Haag

Sister Carla


July 13, 1942

First Profession

August 13, 1965

Eternal Life

October 21, 2018

Sister Carol Marie Haag, SDS lived out our founding vision to serve “by all ways and means” through diverse ministries in her 53 years as a Salvatorian Sister. She taught at Milwaukee’s Pius XI High School from 1971 through 1978; worked in development at the College of Notre Dame of Maryland from 1986 to 1992; and served with the National Institute on Aging in Baltimore from 1992-2000. She also served three years in the secretariat at the Salvatorian Mother House in Rome.

Sr. Carol Marie entered the Sisters of the Divine Savior in 1962 at our former St. Mary’s Convent at 35th and Center Streets in Milwaukee. She professed first vows in 1965 and final vows in 1971.

Most recently, Sr. Carol Marie served on a disaster clean-up crew with Kelmann Restoration in Milwaukee. After she retired, former Kelmann co-owner, Richard Niggemann invited her to join a group of volunteers to minister at the Milwaukee County Children’s Detention Center (CDC).

“I prayed a lot about his request,” Sr. Carol Marie said, “but I couldn’t say yes or no until I tried it.” Each week she found herself asking the Holy Spirit for inspiration, because, as she said, “I haven’t walked a mile in these youths’ moccasins.”

As a member of “Team CDC,” Sr. Carol Marie would visit the detention center paired with another volunteer. Their visits were considered a privilege for the teens. Sr. Carol Marie understood many teens would come just to get out of their cell block. 

“Even so,” she said, “they read Scripture and shared with us.” Sr. Carol Marie would always come prepared to break the ice with at least two talking points on the Scripture reading. She said, “I am in awe of how transparent they can be about what brought them to the detention center. At the end of our time together, we ask if anyone has something to ask the Lord. They usually pray for their upcoming court dates and often for a close family member.” And sometimes, they would ask why the volunteers kept coming.

“I tell them that as a teacher, I had 50 minutes to help 34 students learn to type, but I never got to ask about their relationship with the Lord.” Sr. Carol Marie felt faith-sharing puts everyone on the same level – one human being to another. She recalled one boy who came to the sessions month after month for over a year.

“I could see a gradual change in him and he admitted responsibility for what he did. I am most certain it is the Divine Savior and Holy Spirit who give these kids the courage to change.” She also believed the Holy Spirit brought her to this ministry.

“In the U.S., the Salvatorian Family has three priorities: human trafficking, ministry to children and teens, and immigration. I didn’t plan it, but I’m grateful my ministry addresses one of these priorities. It’s what Jesus would have us do.”