Learning English is the First Step for Salvatorian Sisters in Africa

Book 1 Group: S. Gisela, Post. Sara, Sue Haetel

Sue Haertel worked with Salvatorians Srs. Gisella and Sara in 2014.

We offer prayers today for safe travel and fruitful efforts for Sister Jenada Fanetti, SDS and Lay Salvatorian Sue Haertel. They’re heading to Tanzania to lead another English-as-a-Second Language (ESL) immersion program for our Sisters in East Africa.

Learning English is the first step for our African Sisters to advance their studies to become teachers, nurses, lawyers and social workers. Professional education is a high priority for our Salvatorian Sisters and a path to improve quality of life for their beloved African people. In Africa, for example, medical training enables our Sisters to teach pre-and post-natal care; how to treat malaria; and how to prevent disease. Professional education also equips our Sisters to train their people in practical skills to become more self-sufficient.

We launched the ESL immersion program in 2009, and every summer since, one or more of our Sisters has traveled to Tanzania to teach  English language skills. Lay Salvatorian and retired teacher Sue Haertel has served with our program for several years. She’ll share the Tanzanian experience in her blog:

ESL immersion builds confidence to read, write, speak and problem-solve in English. That confidence opens doors for our Sisters in Africa to become future leaders for our worldwide congregation.

You can make a gift to ensure this invaluable program continues.

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