Longtime monthly gift comes straight from the heart

It’s been 20 years since Therese D. of Bayside, Wis. got an up-close viewpoint on the Sisters of the Divine Savior sponsorship ministry. Therese, who goes by Tracy, served seven years on the SDS Sponsorship Board for the former St. Mary’s Nursing Home in Milwaukee. She recalls, “I was most impressed by the honest caring always shown by the sisters. As the nursing home struggled to survive, the sisters faced difficult decisions, yet never wavered in their commitment to serving the residents, even when weighed against their other priorities.”

Tracy came to St. Mary’s board in 1993 on recommendation by an outgoing board member, someone she considered a mentor. Her expertise was a strong fit with the board’s needs. Professionally, Tracy’s responsibilities included oversight of services to transition acute care patients — often to a skilled care facility or nursing home — so she understood patient needs and administrative challenges.

Tracy also has fond memories of St. Mary’s board annual holiday gatherings, saying, “They were a great opportunity to get to know other board members and the sisters more personally. Their goodness and warmth held true outside the board room — the sisters were the ‘real deal’!”

By the time Tracy’s board service ended in 2000, the Salvatorian Sisters left an imprint on her heart. “After I left the board, I wanted to continue supporting the sisters in some way.  I set up my bank to automatically send a monthly donation to SDS.  It’s not a huge amount, but it’s consistent. I hope my few dollars multiplied over time are giving back to others and help to cover costs of whatever the sisters identify as the greatest need.”

Tracy’s generosity to the Salvatorian Sisters is intentional and comes straight from the heart. “Simply, I find their dedication to serving needs of the world inspiring, whether focused on needs of the elderly or persons with disabilities, or a commitment to educating women. I am pleased to support all SDS ministries, but education and health care resonate with me most personally.”

Support Our Mission

“Our support of Sister Barbara’s congregation flows from our love for her, and all that she is and stands for.”

- Kathleen and Tom B., Mission Well Charter Members

What Your Gift Means

For over 125 years, Sisters of the Divine Savior have been a gentle presence in a variety of ministries that connect us to so many people in need. As an international religious congregation, Salvatorian Sisters serve in 26 countries on five continents, guiding people of all faiths and cultures to greater fullness of life.

Your gift enables our Sisters here in the United States and around the world offer life-giving hope in the name of our Divine Savior. Thank you for sharing your prayers and worldly blessings to support our mission and ministries.