Meet Sister Anuarite Ngendaqimana Salamba, SDS

Hello! Jambo!

My name is Sister Anuarite Ngendaqimana Salamba. I was born in 1983. My nationality is Tanzanian. In my family we have ten children. I have five sisters and five brothers. My father’s name is Peter Salamba Mujuka. He is a specialist in agriculture and my mother’s name is Elizabeth G’ohaneda Kulwa. She takes care of my family.

So I’m very grateful to be in the Salvatorian Family because I feel at home. My apostolate is teaching the children and taking care of the poor children. I feel good about this apostolate. I see the blessings of the Lord through my apostolate.

My dream for the future is that I want to be a teacher and also to help the people who are in need. Also, I want to be a missionary in a different country, if God helps me.

I am very happy to say something to the sisters and lay Salvatorians from America (USA): Thank you to all the Salvatorian Family in America. I know the faithfulness in their hearts. They are surprised at the beauty of our country. Thank you Madam Susanna and Madam Margaret, Welcome – come often in Tanzania and may God help them.

Do not lose your heart sisters and Lay Salvatorian because the Lord is with us. Thank you, and God bless us.

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