Meet Sister Eloisa

Salvatorian Sister Eloisa Holdiem, was born in the Bicol Region of Philippines. Along with the national Filipino language Tagalog, she speaks the Bicola dialect and pretty good English too! Her English skills will serve her well while visiting the U.S. this summer.

Sr. Eloisa will speak at parishes across the U.S. where we have accepted invitations from the Diocesan Offices for Propagation of the Faith. She will share about our worldwide missions where Salvatorian Sisters serve some of God’s neediest people, including her beloved Filipino people. Our summer mission appeal talks are a vital source of financial support for our missions in Philippines as well as Africa, Asia, India, Sri Lanka and South America.

Sr. Eloisa entered the Sisters of the Divine Savior in 1991 and professed final vows in 2002. She serves in leadership for our Philippine region and ministers in Manila as program director for Salvatorian Pastoral Care for Children (SPCC). SPCC is a parish-based, charitable institution founded by our Filipina Sisters in 2001. The pastoral program was developed to protect women, children and other vulnerable adults from all forms of neglect, abuse, violence, exploitation and discrimination. When Sr. Eloisa returns to her homeland in fall, she will step into the executive director role for the SPCC.

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