Sr. Angelina Tlehema, SDS

My name is Sr. Angelina Tlehema. I am second born in our family and I have two brothers and four sisters. My tribe is Iraq. I was born in Manyara Region, Tanzania on 25 October, 1966.

I was a good child, happy and laughing for everybody. My mother is a household worker and my father works in the pasture with the cows. When I was nine, in 1977, I started primary school, and I finished primary school in 1984.
My first vows were on 15 August, 1993, and my final vows were on 15 August, 2000. I live in the community at Masasi. For a long time I was working in the kitchen, cleaning the house and looking after the animals. I give the animals food and water, and also if they need treatment, I call a doctor and make sure they are well.

I started EnglSAngelina1ish class on 17/6/2015. And also I will have my Silver 25 Jubilee on 15/8/2018.

Thank you, Sr. Barbara and Sue. May the Lord bless you for all you have done.

Thanks be to God.

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