Sr. Darlene Pienschke, SDS, Desert Mission Ministry, Tucson, AZ

Mission on the Border

By Sister Darlene Pienschke, SDS in Tucson, Arizona

On arrival at Casa Alitas this morning, revitalized with eager anticipation, I met and saw over 20-30 volunteers energized in a flurry of transformative work  ̶  shifting work stations; reorganizing, relocating and redesigning a clothing shop; stocking supplies; readying guests’ rooms and living spaces for adults and children; and setting up a dining room, examination rooms and offices, and an area reserved for those who arrive with possible Covid-19 exposure. 

Sounds of collaboration, determination and joy resonated in Casa Alitas, taking the next leap to welcome all who have been waiting to cross the border, including families of migrants, asylum seekers and refugees.  With renewed hope and expectation for the border to reopen, together with immigrants longing for a future filled with hope, finding safety and a transformed life in America, we are prepared. For those who come, we promise to welcome, receive and shelter them with great love, care and respect.

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