Mission trip includes clean water focus

Sr. Mary Evelyn on her 2016 trip.

For the second year in a row, Sr. Mary Evelyn Zimbauer, SDS will serve on a missionary team in Sucre, Bolivia for two weeks. The missionary cohort from the Illinois Diocese of Joliet will begin their journey to South America on April 22.

Sr. Mary Evelyn’s 32 companions include a banker, a math teacher, a secretary and a dentist, along with surgeons and nurses. They’ll focus on four areas of need as they work on a construction team, outreach clinic team, surgical team or a clean water team. Sr. Mary Evelyn will serve as the recovery room nurse for a hospital surgical team. More than anything, she asks for prayers for safe travel, good health and fruitful ministry to improve the quality of life for people of Sucre. Watch for an update from Sr. Mary Evelyn after she returns to Milwaukee on May 6.

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