Polish Salvatorian Sisters

Providing shelter to Ukrainian refugees in Poland

Polish Provincial, Sister Noemi Raczkowska, SDS

Email from Sister Noemi Raczkowska, SDS
, Poland

Poland is one of many European countries offering refuge to over 1 million Ukrainians. In a recent email to our U.S. Salvatorian Sisters, Polish Provincial, Sister Noemi Raczkowska, SDS, shares her perspective on the current refugee crisis, it’s impact on Poland, and how our Sisters are helping.

“Regarding the current situation of refugees from Ukraine, many people in Poland have opened their homes. This morning the media reported that about 600,000 refugees have already found shelter in Poland. This is the fastest exodus of refugees in this century in Europe.

Caritas and state centers are working very well to send people according to regulations and their needs. In our diocese, refugees will not arrive until after March 14, 2022.

We have declared our readiness to receive 10 people in our house in Goczałkowice. We have to provide the refugees with housing, food, clothing, etc. We don’t know how long this care will last, so we also need to help these people find work. People in Poland are very supportive, my heart grows when people unite. Every day transports with food, sandwiches, hot soup, medicines and medical equipment leave for Ukraine, and on their way back to Poland sick patients are evacuated.  There are a lot of volunteers, there is great enthusiasm in our nation. I can’t find the words to describe it all.

We have many questions and unknowns, but the most important thing now is to help those in need. My heartfelt greetings to you, asking for your prayers.”

The Polish Province of the Salvatorian Sisters is actively assisting Ukrainian refugees. If you would like to donate to their assistance fund, please go to:

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