Reflections on a book discussion: Sr. Letty and Sr. Georgene

Our Salvatorian Sisters in Phoenix, Ariz. hosted a series of discussions about Bryan Stevenson’s book, Just Mercy for 2019 National Catholic Sisters Week. Stevenson is co-founder of the Equal Justice Initiative in Montgomery, Ala., a non-profit organization advocating for equal treatment in the criminal justice system.

Here, Sisters Georgene Faust and Letty Regala each share a brief take-away message, along with thoughts from Phoenix friends and neighbors who joined their ongoing book discussion.

I became aware that legislation can make a difference in dealing with crime. State leaders can bring about change. Let’s get out the vote. -Sister Georgene Faust, SDS


This book study opened my eyes to the unjust criminal system, but how a good, dedicated lawyer can make a good change as a good physician brings healing.  -Sister Letty Regala, SDS


It takes courage to change the perspective of the majority if you are only one. However, your WILL, as one, may be stronger than the sum of the majority.  -Mandy D.


I was most taken by JUST MERCY’s statement on the importance of HOPE in everyday life. -Becky B.


I have become aware of the horrid reality people face when condemned through racism. It also made me so hopeful about the possibility of reform within the criminal justice system. -Andy B.


People cry out for peace. When you cry out for justice you should get peace, but if justice is not in your favor, then peace is absent. -Vanessa B.


I will think more deeply about the impact of the death penalty. -Annika N.

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