SDS Visit Tanzania: Finishing up in Masasi

(via Text from Sue to S. Patrice)

Our walk to the market was interesting, through a part of Masasi we hadn’t seen.

There’s a lot of construction and people everywhere!

At the book shop, we found a book of short stories that will be useful.

Today is the last day of class. We are very pleased with the sisters’ progress in English!

We’ll have class in the morning, ending with a brief closing ceremony.

Tomorrow, we will take the 10 hour bus ride back up to Dar es Salaam.

We wish we could send pictures. They really tell the story better.

Africa is beautiful. The mountains, the flowers, and trees.

Fresh papaya each day from the sisters’ trees. Also oranges and tangerines.

Not to mention the fresh greens cooked each day.

And the most wonderful part is the sisters. We have fun together. We pray together. And we also laugh a lot!

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