Sharing Salvatorian Memories

The fall issue of our Salvatorian News features an article about Sisters Jane Barman, SDS and Rita Faust, SDS leaving St. Nazianz, Wis., ending our Salvatorian presence in the village after more than 100 years. It brought back “wonderful memories” for Michigan resident Earl L., who studied at the former Salvatorian Seminary there:

Sisters cooking for the seminarians in 1943, a little before Earl's time.

Sisters cooking for the seminarians in 1943, a little before Earl’s time.

“At the Salvatorian Seminary I knew there were sisters behind the scenes. I unfortunately never made an acquaintance with them. I remember looking out the window of the dormitory and watching them sort our laundry in the lower level of the building next door. My beloved mother had sewed a little cloth tag with the number 372 on each article of my clothing. After washing and drying the clothing the sisters very diligently separated the numbered clothing of all the students – high school and college – a very sizeable number of pieces because the student body was quite large then. It was a monumental task and they performed it expertly. I never lost a piece of clothing. I took their labor of love for granted and never gave them a thought of appreciation. Until I read your article I was unaware the sisters were likewise responsible for the remarkable, tasty meals that I looked forward to on a daily basis. The home baked bread certainly extended the girth of my waistline in a hurry. By Christmas of my first year I had gained 20 pounds . . . in spite of being athletically inclined.

“Thank you Sisters, past and present, for all you have done for me and bringing so much joy into my life.”

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