She still holds the Tanzanian people in her heart

A young woman religious from the Midwest stepped off a dusty jeep in a remote East African village. Sr. Bernadette Kline, SDS arrived in Tanzania with a daunting mission: to make known a loving God to a people burdened by unimaginable poverty. Living among the Tanzanian people, Sr. Bernadette shared their burden. With faithful perseverance, she nurtured their physical and spiritual well being to lift them to a fuller life.

Now in her 73rd year as a Sister of the Divine Savior, Sr. Bernadette is lovingly cared for at our Salvatorian Sisters Residence (SSR) in Milwaukee.  But she hasn’t forgotten her beloved Tanzanian people. She devotes her days to prayer and strings rosary beads for shipping to East African villages.

For many years, whether serving in our global missions or in the U.S., Sr. Bernadette received little compensation. Any earnings went directly to support our congregation and grow our ministries. And until the 1970s, as a member of a religious congregation, she could not pay into the Social Security fund.

Today, the costs to care for our elder sisters outpace the earnings of our sisters in active ministry. In this holy season that celebrates the humble birth of our Savior, please consider a gift to support our sisters who are aging in wisdom and grace, after many years of bringing His love to people in need.

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