Sponsorship keeps Salvatorian spirit alive at DSHA

Examples of how the Sisters of the Divine Savior instill our core values in students at Milwaukee’s Divine Savior Holy Angels High School make for a long list. Starting in freshman year, we offer students opportunities for outreach to elders at our other local sponsored institutions, St. Anne’s Salvatorian Campus and Hadley Terrace Senior Apartments. At a prayer service send-off to those sites, our sisters share a reflection and blessing with the freshmen.  First-year students also learn about the women religious congregation who founded their school through a freshman seminar presented by Salvatorian Sisters.

Students from all four grade levels tour the SDS Art Gallery located on the school’s fourth floor, and often pray alongside our sisters at school liturgies for SDS Foundation Day, Feast of our Lady of Guadalupe, Homecoming Week and more.

All members of the senior class participate in VOCARE, a two-week service immersion in the local community after a send-off ceremony with a blessing from our sisters. Perhaps the most well known example of our religious sponsorship is the annual Salvatorian Service Award we present to members of the senior class. We established the award program in 1988 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of our founding. We present the award to recognize graduating seniors who make service to vulnerable populations a vital part of their high school career.

Our religious sponsorship of DSHA supports the mission of the high school to develop young women of faith, heart and intellect to prepare them to make a difference in our communities, our Church and our world.

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