Sr. Astrid Kateni, SDS

My name is Astrid Kateni. I was born on December 14, 1971 in Kolwezi. Kolwezi is a city in Katanga province in the Republic Democratique of Congo.

I’m the fourth child in my family. My father’s name was a Tabu Kalala Jean-Felix. He was a political man. He died in 2013. My mother’s name is Kayinda Backita Victoriene. She is a nurse and mid-wife.

I made my first communion in 1987. After my primary school and secondary school, I received my state diploma in Commercial Administration option.

I entered the Salvatorian Congregation in 1995 and started my religious life. I took my first vows in 2000 and my final vows in 2004. In the same year, I started at Lubumbashi University and earned my diploma as a financial administrator. I had worked as a treasurer in several different communities before I went to the university.

In 2007, I finished my school at the university and in 2008 I began working as a treasurer for the region. Now I am in transition.

I’m very happy to be here in Tanzania to meet other sisters and to improve my English because in these times English has become an important language throughout the world and most importantly is used throughout our congregation.

Before coming here, I had many difficulties to understand English well. Now Sister Barbara and Madam Sue have opened my ears and I can understand many things very well in English. I am very grateful, first to God who gives us health and then to my region because they gave me this opportunity to come here to Tanzania and to learn English. I can’t forget my gratitude to all the sisters in Tanzania region. They have made us feel welcome here.

I feel much gratitude to the United States region for their collaboration with us. May God bless them. I thank you so much, Sister Barbara and Madam Sue because they spend their time to come here and share with us their life and their knowledge. Thank you very much.

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