Sr. Bakhita Ndokole, SDS

My name is Sr. Bakhita S. Ndokole, SDS. I was born on December 12, 1985 in the Iringa region at Mudabulo hospital. I am the first born in a family of eight children. I have four young brothers and three young sisters. I have also three aunts and three uncles. My mother died in 2002. I started standard one in 1999 when I was seven years old. I completed standard seven in 2005 and joined form one in 2006 and I completed form four in 2009.

s-bakhita-2After one year I met the Salvatorian Sisters and their congregation. My first vows were 14, August 2014. My first time to learn English is when I was a novice and this is the second time. I like to know grammar and vocabulary which could enable me to speak good English.

After this study of English, I will be able to visit other countries which are using the English language. The English class is interesting because Madam Sue and Sister Barbara are very happy to teach us.

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