Sr. Dorothea James, SDS

My name is Sr. Dorothea James. I was born in 1978 at Kilindon, Mafya Island. In my family we have six children, two brothers and four girls. I am the last born in my family.

My father was a fisherman and my mother was caring for our family. My father died in 1993 due to Malaria.

I completed primary school in 1994, so it was difficult for me to go to secondary school due to the death of my father. I decided to help my mom in different activities at home. In 1995, I met Father Patric Keany, SDS, as the parish priest in Kuranga. He taught me about Father Jordan. Then in 2001, I joined the Salvatorian Sisters as a candidate. I took first vows in 2006 and in 2012 I made final vows at Masasi.

SDorthea2In 2007 I studied catechism at Saint Matias Mulumba College. After I completed this course, I taught catechism in various secondary schools in Dar es Salaam. In 2013, I started secondary school. Now I am a form three student. My favorite subjects are English, biology, history and mathematics.

Thanks to Sr. Barbara and Madam Sue for teaching us English and mathematics. And also thanks a lot to the United States of America especially Salvatorian Sisters for allowing Sr. Barbara and Madam Sue to help us in English and mathematics.

God bless all. Amen.

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