Sr. Georgene: Be Together…But NOT the Same

Arizona is not known for having a great educational system. I believe it is ranked 41st in the U.S. One reason is that the state absorbs a high percentage of immigrants. Instructors on all levels are challenged to improve the state’s image. We do have many excellent schools that rate first place in the country, but people living in poverty and adults who have not had the opportunity to learn the English language are at a great disadvantage. Along with other states, Arizona has opted for the Common Core curriculum.

As adult educators, we are all encouraged to plan an activity or project to submit to the state education department. Rio Salado Downtown Campus is in walking distance of the state capitol, so projects can easily be delivered.

My class at Rio Salado Downtown chose the topic, “Be Together…But NOT the Same.” It’s a perfect topic for our Fundamentals class. We serve adults of many ages and cultures. Writing is more difficult than reading for most students. We devised a booklet of writings for submission to the state department. To motivate and create ideas for writing, we found pictures in magazines.

Here are key lines from the students’ writings:

  • Steps to Reach a Good Education. Thirteen practical steps were listed. The final statement was “One day you will reach your goal and notice a big and positive change in your life.”
  • Picture – a young woman displaying her tablet, showing her written essay. There is a definite look of satisfaction on her face.
  • Rio Salado College – My self-esteem has definitely improved.
  • Steps to an Education. Final Step – “Never give up – it is a lifetime job!”
  • The Bull’s Eye. Rio Salado has helped us hit the bull’s eye in our life.
  • Education is like a Flower. Education begins like a bud, but develops into beauty of many kinds.
  • Education is in our hands. I educated my children, now my education is in my hands.
  • Education. It works for me and for you GUARANTEED!
  • Family Education. Education can be fun. A father helps his son wear a life jacket.
  • My sister and brother went to ASU and I got my HSE in 2014
  • An Education opens many doors!

We educators at Rio Salado Downtown make every effort to help adults move toward a higher education, a better job and greater independence.

By Sr. Georgene Faust, SDS

Photo of Sr. Georgene working with her student, Nicholas Lopez. From

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