Sr. Jane: The best thing(s) about religious life

The question was, “What is the best thing about religious life for you?” Sr. Jane Eschweiler, SDS couldn’t answer that question–there are so many good things in her view she had to change it to “What are the best things about religious life for you?” Her answer:

  1. Sisters develop their gifts for use in ministry. We are enriched by courses, retreats, etc.
  2. Sisters are easily flexible due to no immediate family responsibilities. We can respond.
  3. Community encourages our goodness and challenges our “rough edges.”
  4. Religious have an immediate group to pray with each day.
  5. Religious are, for the most part, trusted by people who need us.
  6. Simple lifestyle encourages a non-competitive lifestyle.

And she ended her note with “There’s more…”

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