Meet Sr. Justina B. Milanzi, SDS

I was born on August 5, 1981 in the village of Ndanda-Masasi in the Mtwara Region. My grandparents and my parents were also born in this region.

In my family, we have 9 children. I have two brothers and six sisters, but three children have died. Both my parents are farmers, and my family is all Christian in the Catholic Church.

SJustina2I started primary school in January, 1991 and completed it in September, 1997. After I completed primary school, my brother advised me to go to Domestic Science School in Lupaso. I attended this school from 1998 – 1999. After I completed this program, I decided to join the Salvatorian Sisters at Masasi. After five years I made first profession on 14 August, 2005 in Masasi. This day was very happy for me!

Then I studied at Secondary School at Moshi, Kilimanjaro from 2007 – 2010. After I finished secondary school, I came home to Masasi.

Now I am learning English with sisters at Masasi. Our teachers are Sr. Barbara and Madam Sue. Thanks for this. I will celebrate the silver Jubilee of my profession in 2030. Pray for me.

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