Sr. Laurence Kibambe Kutshina, SDS

My name is Sister Laurence Kibambe Kutshina. I come from The Congo. I am a nurse. I work in an orphanage in Goma in The Congo.

We have 89 babies living in our orphanage. There are three sisters, including me, who take care of the babies. We wake up at 5:00 in the morning to give the three year olds and older a bath. At 8:00 the babies have their baths. And then the babies get their bottles and the older children eat their porridge.

slaurence2I was born in Lubumbashi in The Congo. My mother’s name is Veronique NGoy. My father’s name is Timothe Kutshina. There are eight children in my family. I have four sisters and three brothers. I am the fourth born.

In 1999 I got my diploma for teaching from Secondary School. I entered the Salvatorians in 2000. My first vows were in 2005. The congregation sent me to work at the hospital. I worked as a receptionist for three years.
I also began working with the doctors in the operating room. The doctor noticed that I had a talent for medical work and recommended me to go to nursing school. I attended nursing school from 2008-2011. I graduated with my nursing degree in 2011. I made my final vows in 2010 and now I have worked at the orphanage for two years.

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