Sr. Magda reflects on her time in the U.S.

Sister Magdalena Kumorek, SDSSister Magdalena Kumorek, SDS visited from Poland over summer 2019. She traveled to Catholic parishes around the U.S., sharing about our international missions at weekend Masses.

Dear Sisters,

I would like to thank you for your warm welcoming and hosting of me in your Province. First of all, I would like to thank the Sisters at SSR for your love, care, smiles, kindness and everyday living. I really appreciate all that you did. I feel at home here, not like a visitor or stranger. It is a great experience of the international nature of our Congregation. Indeed, we are one Salvatorian family, even though we live on different continents.

I did not have any expectations before my arrival. I just came and started exploring a new reality and meeting new people. It has been a really fascinating adventure. I highly value our conversations about your history, life, and experiences. Thank you for sharing your life with me. I am grateful that I could visit some places important for your history, e.g. St. Nazianz, Columbus, and Portage. All these helped me to know and understand you a little bit better. I’m glad I could meet almost all the Sisters during the Provincial Chapter. These days were very inspiring and valuable, although at the same time very demanding. I’m glad that I could be a part of this event. Thank you.

I realize how much effort was required to prepare my stay and how many Sisters were involved. I value it very much and I am grateful for that. I have collected so many good memories. Every trip, every weekend which I spent with different a Sister was inspiring, interesting and funny. Thank you to all of you! I would like to thank Sr Jenada for helping me prepare my talk, and for preparing me to give my presentation.

Mission appeals– I tried to do my best, and the rest is in God’s hands. It was a privilege to help our Congregation in this way. These talks reminded me that we all are responsible for the missions. I have met so many good people who are willing to support our missions and in this way participate in the mission of our Salvatorian family. Mission appeals were a good occasion to visit many different places. Then I realized how big your country is, and how close the borders of our countries are in Europe.

I will be returning to Poland enriched by all these experiences and memories. Once again thank you for everything.


Magdalena Kumorek

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