Barbara Abler

"This award is a confirmation of her work and ministry, her life of faith.” — Sister Bernadette Kline, SDS

Barbara Abler_2006

2006 Woman of Faith enriches spiritual journeys for others

“What great news to hear about Barbara Abler being named the 2006 Woman of Faith. She really deserves it. It is a confirmation of her work and ministry, her life of faith,” said Sister Bernadette Kline, SDS. She was thrilled that her friend would receive the award presented annually by the Sisters of the Divine Savior.

 Barbara is the Director of Youth Ministry for the Tosa Trio. The latter includes St. Bernard, St. Pius X and Christ King Parishes in the Wauwatosa area. As a response to teens’ busy schedules, Barb initiated a Teen Mass on Sunday evenings, which is celebrated before the high school faith formation sessions. This gives young persons opportunities to serve in varied liturgical ministries. In addition, teens are encouraged and scheduled to serve twice a month in their home parishes. As part of her responsibilities, she also coordinates the process of preparing teens for the sacrament of Confirmation, which includes retreats and varied service experiences. The latter includes family, parish and community sites, as well as services to the poor and homeless.

 An exciting part of the youth ministry for teens is the summer outreach programs including the Appalachia Project and the Lakota Mission Vacation Bible School in South Dakota.

 One of Barbara’s favorite sayings is: “Accept me where I’m at; please don’t leave me there.” Barb has dedicated her life to enriching the spiritual journeys of people of all ages. She is the embodiment of generous and loving service to others. She has bridged young and old across parishes and she has brought God’s light and love to those to whom she ministers.