Carla Del Pozo

"There's something special about Carla; a groundedness and graciousness rooted in her relationship with God." - Sister Pat Bogenschuetz, CSA, CORE El Centro

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Deep faith imbues Carla Del Pozo’s presence to others

Eight words buried deep in Carla Del Pozo’s nomination as our 2020 Woman of Faith put all her achievements into perspective: “Carla is very committed to her spiritual journey.”

Sister Madeline Gianforte, CSA nominated Carla for her work at CORE El Centro. The natural healing center offers alternative healthcare options to Milwaukee’s low-income community. CORE’s mission is to create access for all, build community and inspire people to wholeness – in body, mind and spirit. Carla’s personal mission dovetails perfectly: inspire others to be their best selves.

Carla joined CORE’s staff six years ago. Since then, Development Director Sister Pat Bogenschuetz, CSA has seen integrity emerge as a hallmark in Carla’s decisions and interactions with clients, staff and agency partners.

“I have witnessed her integrity in writing grant reports that reflect transparency in what we’ve been able to accomplish, as well as in challenges we’ve yet to meet. As a fellow staff member, I see her leadership and her mentoring of the people she manages. She advocates for the clients’ highest quality of care and the staff’s optimal working environment.”

Sister Pat describes Carla as “a woman of strength and vulnerability” who holds people accountable with warmth and compassion. Carla serves CORE clients as a licensed acupuncturist, but Sr. Madeline says her vision, management skills and commitment to the mission set her apart. As Director of Clinical Services, Carla mentors her co-workers to develop as leaders in their own right.

Ten years ago, DeAnn Cortes came to know Carla when she was coordinating Hispanic Ministry at St. Patrick’s Parish in Whitewater, Wis.  DeAnn was struck by Carla’s care for and “chemistry” with the Latinx people she served.  “When Carla was ready to transition to Milwaukee, I was impressed with the level of discernment she engaged in before making her decision. Carla seems to not only put critical thinking, reflection and prayer into practice, but also is keenly in touch to discern the movement and call of spirit in her life. I knew her gentle gifts of compassionate connection and care would thrive in the dedicated service she would offer CORE clients.”

DeAnn describes Carla as “a living embodiment of a woman of faith” as she seeks to enrich others’ lives through spiritual direction, intuitive guidance and mentorship.” Sister Madeline echoes that description, sharing that Carla developed a new service known as Life Accompaniment to focus on the spiritual needs of CORE’s clients. Says Sister Madeline, “She has a deep hunger to connect with the Divine and witnesses this in her daily activities with family, at work and at play. Her commitment, dedication and love for life is contagious. She truly is a woman of faith.”