The sisters find a convent to call their own

Once settled in Milwaukee, the three pioneer sisters began to search for a house of their own. The house hunt didn’t take long, and soon the sisters began renting a two-story, 12-room duplex for $30 a month. Although the move was not physically taxing, the sisters faced other challenges. On the first day of living in the house, Sister Agnes made rice soup in a kettle gifted to the sisters by a woman from the neighborhood. As she went to eat the soup, she realized that the sisters had no spoons; they also did not have a table, so they did all of their ironing on the floor.

During the weeks following their move, the sisters acquired various household items from kind neighbors and friends. They were grateful for all the gifts they received, but they were by far, most enthusiastic about religious articles for their chapel from two Milwaukee pastors. The chapel made their home a convent. Sister Raphaela was quick to ask Rome for 10 more sisters to be sent to America. By mid-December, five more sisters arrived in Milwaukee.

Our 125 Year Celebration

As we look back on our 125th anniversary of coming to the USA, we invite you to reminisce with us. We've launched all 5 time lines with historical milestones and stories that bring to life the experiences of our sisters who came before us.

Era 1: 1895-1920
Responding to Immigrant Needs

The missionary response of hearty immigrant women religious characterizes the first 25 years of Salvatorian Sisters’ presence in the United States ...

Era 2: 1920-1950
Expanding in an “American” Church

By 1920, life for a Salvatorian Sister in the USA was radically different than it had been 25 years earlier. World War I ....

Era 3: 1950-1970
Embracing Renewal

Bob Dylan’s 1964 classic, The Times They Are A Changing, captures the high energy of this era.  Change was afoot both outside and inside the Salvatorian convent walls...

Era 4: 1970-2000
Building Collaboration

Events of the mid-1960s renewed the collaborative energy that had always characterized Salvatorian life. Cloistered living ...

Era 5: 2000-2020
Searching for New Footing in a Changing World

When the new millennium arrived on January 1, 2000, Salvatorian Sisters were already five years into our second century on USA soil.  Our ...