Our 2020 Celebration

Passion for Mission in the United States

As we celebrate the 125th anniversary of coming to the USA throughout 2020, we invite you to take a step back in time with us. So far, we’ve launched 4 out 5 time lines with historical milestones and stories that bring to life the experiences of our sisters who came before us.

1895-1920 | Responding to Immigrant Needs

Era 1

The missionary response of hearty immigrant women religious characterizes the first 25 years of Salvatorian Sisters’ presence in the United States ...

1950-1970 | Embracing Renewal

Era 3

Bob Dylan’s 1964 classic, The Times They Are A Changing, captures the high energy of this era.  Change was afoot both outside and inside the Salvatorian convent walls...

1920-1950 | Expanding in an “American” Church

Era 2

By 1920, life for a Salvatorian Sister in the USA was radically different than it had been 25 years earlier. World War I ....

1970-2000 | Building Collaboration

Era 4

Events of the mid-1960s renewed the collaborative energy that had always characterized Salvatorian life. Cloistered living ...

2000-2020 | Searching for New Footing in a Changing World

Era 5

When the new millennium arrived on January 1, 2000, Salvatorian Sisters were already five years into our second century on USA soil.  Our ...